BSOP Millions Champion Fulfills Another Dream

PPPoker is proud to announce that we have helped Madson 'Urea' Moura achieve another dream - by welcoming him on board as our brand-new PPPoker Brazil ambassador!


Poker can change lives, and this has undoubtedly been the case for Urea, who is known to have one of the most remarkable stories in the Brazilian poker community.

Urea touched the hearts of poker lovers back in November 2019 after the up-and-comer overcame a lifetime of difficulties to take the title of the biggest poker event in Latin America, the BSOP Millions. After succeeding in his first poker dream of becoming a champion, Urea has now fulfilled his second - to be welcomed as a poker ambassador.


"I would like to thank God for making another dream come true in my life, becoming an ambassador for the biggest poker site in the world, PPPoker! I'm going to do my best to grow this mind-sport even more here in Brazil! Patience and faith, guys!" said Urea on his official Instagram.


From an Ordinary Life to Legendary Status

Born in the small town of Umarizal, Urea had a humble but by no means carefree childhood. After giving up his studies to help support his family, that sacrifice meant that up until only a few years ago, Urea couldn't read or write, and that's where poker came in to change his destiny. 


It was through the game that Urea became literate, found his calling, and in turn, a way to earn a living. Becoming BSOP champion, and having a platform to share his story has inspired many people, especially those who have followed his path.

Like those before him, such as Chris Moneymaker, who won the 2003 $10,000 WSOP Main Event having qualified online for just $86, Urea's inspirational story motivated numerous Brazilians to pursue their poker dreams.


"This title will change my life, but it will not take away my humility, my simplicity." Urea said at the time of his BSOP win.